Your organization likely relies on several office technologies — including printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners — to support day-to-day office operations. These print devices are essential for business, but they can also incur significant costs and complexities if they aren’t properly managed. For a moment, consider your current print... Read More
No matter what industry you work in, you almost certainly rely on a variety of documents to get your job done. But documents aren’t only a benefit to the modern business; they’re also a burden. Estimates suggest that printing these documents consumes between 1 and 3% of an average company’s annual... Read More
Nobody gets goosebumps when the topic of document management comes up. It may not be the most thrilling subject, but efficiently creating, distributing, and managing critical business documents has a huge impact on your business. Done well, document management will enable you to work efficiently and make informed decisions. However, even though 93% ... Read More
Modern offices are rooted in digital technology. Employees use smart devices to communicate, automate tasks, streamline workflows, and more, except when it’s time to send a fax. Why do so many offices rely on clunky manual processes to fax documents back and forth? Is it time to adopt modern, cloud-based... Read More
For some folks, the return to the office happened nearly 18 months ago. For some, it was 18 days ago. When you return is largely a function of what your job is, and where you live. But after a few naïve — albeit ambitious — misfires, it appears that the... Read More