Many organizations require high-volume printing of brochures, newsletters, catalogs, signs, and other specialty materials to promote and support their businesses. In the past, outsourcing that printing was the only way to get the consistent high-quality output needed for those jobs. Today, the affordability of mid- and high-speed digital color printers,... Read More
In the “good old days” — aka, January — the shared office multifunction printer (MFP) or copier was accessible to virtually everyone in the office, all of whom used the device’s touchscreens or buttons to select the functions and features needed to complete print, copy, or scan jobs. What the... Read More
The restrictions put in place earlier this year to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are beginning to ease, being replaced by measured, phased-in business reopening plans across the country. Though this is a welcome direction, it’s important to remember that the novel coronavirus has not been wiped out, and its... Read More
The novel coronavirus has accelerated the trend of using remote and work-at-home employees as organizations respond to protect employees and comply with stay-at-home orders. A Global Workplace Analytics survey of white-collar office workers conducted in the spring of 2020 reported that 88% of respondents have been working from home on... Read More