Managed Print Services

Looking for ways to save money, reduce paper waste, and boost productivity? A Managed Print Services program offers a simple solution for seemingly insurmountable issues.

We make it our business to help clients achieve an optimum print output environment which balances productivity, cost and organizational goals. Our professionals take an educated, informed and consultative approach to each situation by focusing on your and your organization’s needs.

Centric Business Systems will streamline the operation of your desktop printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. You’ll use less paper, purchase fewer supplies, and spend less time wrestling with the settings on your equipment.

We’ll start by conducting a full analysis of your current output environment, including maps, devices, current print usage and cost and workflow requirements. Then we provide a fully customized solution for your environment encompassing the benefits of the program.


Reduce Paper Waste
In efforts to achieve more efficient, environmentally friendly offices, organizations everywhere are switching to paperless platforms. Managed Print Services can help your business reduce wasted supplies and decrease electrical consumption by consolidating your devices.

Cost Management
Do you keep track of the cost of printing and copying? Ink, paper, acquiring copiers and printers, and maintenance all add up. In fact, the cost of printing is generally around 1-3% of annual revenue for most businesses. That’s the third highest expense, right after payroll and rent! On average, organizations that adopt managed print services save up to 30% on hardcopy costs, reduce carbon emissions by 60%, and free up 10% of IT staff who were previously spending time troubleshooting print problems.

There are so many ways that managed print services can keep your costs under control.

First, a Managed Print Services contract will give you a single monthly bill that you can budget for. You won’t have to worry about multiple vendors, unexpected repairs or surprise charges since you’ll have all costs mapped out for you.

Second, our program will be able to evaluate your needs and provide you with the exact supplies you need for your printers so that you don’t end up with a surplus of unneeded supplies.

Improve Security
Ensuring the security of your data and your client’s information is paramount when it comes to maintaining your business. Printers and copiers can be a point of access to your network that, when unguarded, can pose a danger to sensitive information. Managed print services use encryption, hard drive wiping, pull print, security protocols, and more to keep your data safe.

Less IT Pressure
Who fixes problems when your printers aren’t connecting to the network or something breaks? Your in-house IT team. This takes them away from more important work that they could be doing. With Managed Print Services, we come to you to fix any problems you’re having with your fleet, leaving your IT team to focus on what they do best.

You’ll Be More Efficient
One of the things a Managed Print Services provider does is analyze your existing print fleet. After a full analysis of your output environment, we’ll be able to tell you what equipment is underperforming, what equipment you should add, where certain equipment should be located to be most accessible, and how to plan for the longevity of your current fleet. Having your fleet analyzed by specialists ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Managed printing means more efficient workflows. Our in-depth analysis will also lead our specialists to design and recommend reallocation of assets, implementation of cost-saving software and process optimization opportunities. Ultimately, Managed Print Services can help you to configure workflows to streamline daily workplace routines. For example, a program can be installed that reads a scanned page and automatically sends it to the right department or triggers a chain of actions that would otherwise have to be done manually. This saves a lot of time, which in turn saves money!

You’ll Have Less Downtime
A managed print services provider can establish automated supply delivery, which automatically orders toner based on when printers run low. No more forgetting to order toner and having to wait to use a printer until more toner arrives! Your staff will be more efficient as they no longer have to constantly monitor printers and place orders as well as no longer have to endure downtime while waiting for supplies to arrive.

Ongoing Optimization
Our specialists will regularly review your output to assess volume, device age and effectiveness, use and workflow. We’ll work with you to reallocate assets to their optimum environment. We can also provide you with a future plan, which accounts for the life expectancy of your equipment and helps you to plan for replacements.

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