When a manmade or natural disaster strikes, it’s important for organizations of any size to have a plan that ensures business functions continue as securely as possible during the crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that a secure business continuity plan not only needs to address home office... Read More
The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Affecting populations and businesses worldwide; governments, institutions and organizations are providing guidelines and taking proactive steps to halt or mitigate the spread of the virus. Even as many firms have established policies and procedures that allow employees to work from home there... Read More
February 26, 2020
Secure Your Future
Every day, in your workflow, you handle confidential data like addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and payment information — data that is vital to running an organization efficiently. Additionally, you manage employee records, IDs, network passwords, and other corporate intellectual property that’s required for day-to-day operations. Protecting that data, whether from... Read More
Since the invention of the Xerox, office technology has advanced quickly. Technology advances exponentially, so within a few decades, office equipment has gone from typewriters and carbon copies, to advanced printing and copying systems. These systems can include a number of different types of equipment. That includes printers, copiers, fax... Read More
It’s not always easy to take an objective look at your business and the processes you and your team have implemented. You may be certain that your day-to-day operations are the best they can be. But whether you’re a brand-new business or have been doing what you do for thirty... Read More
When it comes to updating and maintaining your office equipment, there are necessities and there are conveniences. For example, you may not need a brand-new copier because your current copier does the necessary job. But when inconveniences interfere with the necessary purpose of your office equipment, it’s time to start... Read More