Nobody gets goosebumps when the topic of document management comes up. It may not be the most thrilling subject, but efficiently creating, distributing, and managing critical business documents has a huge impact on your business. Done well, document management will enable you to work efficiently and make informed decisions. However, even though 93% ... Read More
Modern offices are rooted in digital technology. Employees use smart devices to communicate, automate tasks, streamline workflows, and more, except when it’s time to send a fax. Why do so many offices rely on clunky manual processes to fax documents back and forth? Is it time to adopt modern, cloud-based... Read More
For some folks, the return to the office happened nearly 18 months ago. For some, it was 18 days ago. When you return is largely a function of what your job is, and where you live. But after a few naïve — albeit ambitious — misfires, it appears that the... Read More