Plotter / Wide Format

Historically, plotters used a pen to draw lines on a paper, resulting in a graphic drawing.

Commonly used to product computer-aided design or CAD drawings, these devices are the heartbeat of architecture, engineering and construction firms. Today’s wide format solutions are capable of supporting the original function of the plotter and so much more!

Wide Format solutions are now equipped with true multi-function capabilities, combining the ability to copy, print and scan. Boasting print widths up to 36” wide, these machines utilize cut sheet technology to trim rolled paper lengths based on document needs.

These devices are excellent for on-demand, in-house printing of maps, blueprints, signage, product renderings and more. When adjustments are needed, organizations can easily print or scan revisions instead of outsourcing. Wide Format solutions are available with black and white or color printing and scanning capabilities. They can also come equipped with output stackers so large copy or print jobs don’t have to be monitored.

Also built for today’s security requirements, many wide format printers feature data encryption kits. Centric also offers hard drive erase, removal and destruction services to aid organizations that need to meet certain security regulations.

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