Backfile / Scanning

Centric’s back file conversion programs offer end-to-end solutions for scanning and capturing data, extracting and indexing. Integrated with our document management solutions, we offer workflow automation, intelligent document routing and archival solutions. With both on and off-site capabilities, we’ll work with your organization to develop a digital migration strategy customized to meet your goals.

A front-end data capture system will enable you to process documents more efficiently and automate business processes. By scanning in documents and directly indexing them into your document management system, there are opportunities for saving on time and resources and creating a more efficient environment.

Integrated with your scanner, these platforms accurately sort paper and electronic documents based on their data, validate critical information and index based on content. They then capture information from paper documents and integrate it with back-end processes and workflows.

These systems will convert documents to a variety of formats, collect and provide document-related metadata, validate information, compress the documents and deliver to the required destinations. Data collection can occur through profiling the document, extracting data, scanning with prompt to capture and validating the collected data against pre-defined values.

Our Process

Secure Facility

We maintain a 24/7 monitored security system with limited access to our production facility. A sprinkler system and video cameras at all entrances provide an additional level of security for our clients’ documents. In addition, our facility is ITAR compliant and we maintain the status of HIPAA Business Associate for the purpose of securely processing confidential information.

All Centric employees are required to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements upon commencement of employment. In addition, thorough background checks, along with comprehensive drug and alcohol screening, are conducted prior to employment. Ongoing security and confidentiality awareness training for all team members occurs annually. We also utilize our own drivers and vehicles for pick-up and delivery of all projects.

Controls & Chain-of-Custody

All files pulled from cabinets are cataloged and boxed to prepare for transport to our facility. Each box is labeled with source information, numbered and barcoded. Then they are scanned into our asset management program for real-time chain-of-custody and production workflow tracking. A manifest is created for validation by both parties prior to removal. When active records are pulled from a file cabinet, a locator sheet is placed in the respective drawer indicating the files have been removed for scanning. The locator sheet contains the pull date and box number, in the event the file needs to be accessed for immediate return.

In addition, Centric initiates a Process Control Sheet (“PCS”) for each box of files pulled for scanning. The PCS contains a section for the functional processes to be performed by our document specialists. It also indicates the date and time the contents of the box were pulled and scanned and when they were returned upon completion.

End-to-End Processing

  • Document Preparation: Our specialists remove all fasteners, repair torn pages, reposition attachments that may obscure content and insert document separator pages as appropriate.
  • Image Capture: Our facility is equipped with leading-edge hardware from Fujitsu and Panasonic, and we utilize industry leading Kofax capture and OCR software.
  • Quality Control: Our QC operators review each electronic image for accuracy, clarity and document integrity. We utilize software to automatically rotate, de-skew, de-speckle, crop, and remove hole punches and blank pages.
  • Indexing/Metadata: We capture document level index fields, or metadata, via data entry or automated data extraction, depending on project requirements.
  • Reassembly: Full reassembly (replacing all fasteners), or light reassembly (at the folder level) is available on all projects.
  • Deliverables: Includes images, metadata and API/load file delivered on portable HD, flash drive or secure FTP.


A customizable workflow module provides the ability to develop business rules in a database to route documents, send notifications and automate actions. Actions can be initiated automatically based on an index field, document status or user-defined actions, such as approvals. When tasks are not completed within ample time in the workflow, notifications and escalations can be configured to keep your project on track.

Comprehensive Scanning Services

  • Document Management Software and Consultation
  • On-site & Off-site Capabilities
  • Backfile Conversion Projects
  • Day-forward Solutions
  • Capture, OCR/Data Extraction& Indexing Services
  • Wide Format Scanning
  • Microfiche & Film Scanning
  • Workflow Automation & Intelligent Document Routing
  • Business Process Imaging
  • Archival Solutions
  • Digital Migration Strategy
  • Document Destruction

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