Cloud-Based Fax

Sending and receiving important documents via fax is a critical operation for many organizations. Faxing documents provides some key benefits like enhanced security, delivery confirmation, and compliance with privacy regulations. Most organizations have a stand-alone fax machine or an integration with their multi-functional device. The increasing need to access documents remotely and manage documents electronically has made cloud-based fax solutions an optimal solution.

Key Benefits

Document Security

Paramount to every organization, is the ability to send and receive documents securely. While email has become a common method of delivery, document encryption is often not enabled which puts sensitive information at risk. A traditional fax is sent over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which is not susceptible to the risks posed with email delivery. Utilizing a cloud fax service offers SSL or TSL encryption protocols which enhances the security of your documents.

Access to Documents

Traditional fax machines print a fax to the output tray of your device. However, it does present a challenge to access the information if you aren’t physically in that location. Cloud fax solutions offer remote access to documents from anywhere. You can also set and customize alerts for incoming documents.


Sending and receiving documents via fax delivery offers greater confidence that the recipient will see your document. As a sender, you will have proof of delivery, confirming that the fax was successfully transmitted. You can also be sure, that regardless of size, your document was delivered.


Industries such as healthcare, legal and government require enhanced regulatory compliance. Therefore, the secure, reliable and effective transmission of documents is keystone to their operations. using a cloud-based fax service means that sensitive data is protected. Proof of transmission and certified delivery are captured in the sent and received logs can provide audit trails to show that information was sent and delivered by the right time to the right party.

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