Document Management

Today’s organizations prefer to speed the process of locating and distributing files by taking advantage of digital workflow services.

Document Management software captures, stores and controls electronic documents, letting you streamline and automate paper-based processes for improved productivity and reduced costs. A document or content management system allows you to organize documents and content flow to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in your work environment.

Document and content management software protects information through document security, reduces money and labor costs, provides more efficient access to information, automates manual tasks and procedures, improves collaboration among team members, reinforces organization policies and procedures and allows you to share information easily.

The Document Management Process


Capture involves gathering the information from documents and data in all forms and converting it into a form that is compatible with the document management system for easy accessibility and searching.  Mostly, this involves the scanning of paper documents.  Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a popular recognition technology that converts images of typeset text into alphanumeric characters.


Managing the document incorporates all of the different applications in content management to effectively integrate the files into everyday workflows and business processes. Managing and organizing the content allows it to be found and used by whoever needs the information.


Storing the information is finding the appropriate place for the content before it is ready to be preserved. This might be in file systems, content management systems, databases or data warehouses.  Files will stay in this storage until they are no longer going to be edited or changed regularly.


When files and documents are ready for long-term storage or archiving, they are preserved.  This is done on different types of long-term storage media and usually is protected by security technologies.

Key Benefits Of An Automated Workflow System

Increase Efficiency

Document management systems can streamline the document flow process by sending items directly to the next needed person. The use of a document management system can eliminate the paper messes that waste everyone’s time. The intelligent database prevents lost documents and ensures that information is being sent and received at the appropriate time. Search for files using keywords, restrict access by user, send a file electronically to a co-worker and access your files even when not at the office. No more lost, damaged or delayed files.

Improve Business Processes

Digital workflow software allows users to obtain real-time updates and check on the status of an authorized process. All of the information is confined to one portal, which means that employees won’t have to email a particular department to locate the information.


Using a document management system creates an audit trail that will remain with the document for its entire lifecycle. Changes made to the document will be recorded and users listed.

Better Organization

A document management system stores files in an organized, safe and easy-to-access electronic format. Process automation will convert your data into actionable information, which allows users to easily extract, process and organize information. The documents that are stored in a digital workflow management system, allowing you to organize files and backup documents for easy access later.


With web and mobile access support, your document platform reaches beyond traditional access. Users can employ any web browser or mobile device to keep business processes and information moving.


Access to documents can be restricted by user or by group. Files will be more secure than if they were sitting in a file cabinet, and there is less risk of losing documents when they are backed up to an online cloud. Protect documents and content through user sign-in, keeping databases and archives safe via feature-level security.

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