User Tracking & Control

With User Tracking solutions, an organization maintains complete control and continuous management of their document output activity.

Reduce costs, increase document security and help achieve sustainability programs. Through tracking, pop-up reminders, restrictions and print quotas, organizations can encourage user responsibility for their output. The solution allows you to track and control print functions by developing a personalized system of notifications, filters, restrictions and quotas to meet your organization’s goals.

Key Benefits

Print Visibility

User Tracking solutions allow you to see who has printed, what they printed, from where they printed and when they printed.  An easy-to-use, web-based access management system provides insight into the printing activities of individual users or the organization as a whole. Users are able to access a customized web interface where they can add funds, view transactions and track their own activities.

Print Policies

These solutions allow you to create policies and rules that guide the use of printing.  These can be created specifically for your organization’s needs or can be chosen from pre-built options.  Common policies include limiting color printing, encouraging double-sided printing and enforcing printing limits.


Multiple reports offer easy ways to understand printing usage at your organization.  One-click reports are available to offer a quick snapshot of your organization.  Ad hoc reports are available to customize by filtering and sorting data to see specific information by user, department, device or environmental impact. Reports may also be configured to be sent electronically on an automatic schedule.

Cost Control

Costs can be tracked by user, department, client or other custom shared accounts.  Print quotas can be allocated so that users must track their print balances.  Users can pay to add more money to their printing accounts via popular payment gateways.

Document & Device Security

Use Find-Me Printing to send sensitive documents to a queue.  The document will only be released when the user authenticates (through a login or card reader) upon arrival at the printer.  Watermarks and digital signatures can also be used to add the owner ID to every document.

Mobile and Byod Printing

Allow your employees to print from whichever device is most convenient.  Through integration with Mobility Print, Web Print, Email to Print, Google Cloud Print and iOS Printing, users may easily print from mobile devices and tablets.

Integrated Scanning

Use scan actions to scan documents to authorized email and folder destinations, enabling business automation processes.

Green Initiatives

As an organization, lessen the amount of monetary and physical waste produced by printing, copying and scanning.  Reduce costs while reducing your environmental footprint.

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