How to Improve Your Document Management Workflows

Posted on May 18, 2017

Document management workflows are designed to help companies eradicate any needless processes and boost workplace efficiency through better organization. However, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for document management. Every company has different needs and uses different technologies. If your document management workflows aren’t tailored to your company’s specific needs, they could cause more frustration than optimization. To improve your document management workflows, take a closer look at the following elements.

Security Protocols

A good place to start when considering which document management solution is right for you is your security protocols. Complying with document security regulations is essential for companies that handle sensitive financial, health, or other personal information. You can choose to have access controls included in your document management workflow that will keep sensitive data more secure and ensure that you are complying with all regulations for your industry.


Collaboration tools allow companies to share and edit documents in real time without the confusion of creating multiple versions of the same document. For some companies, this is a great productivity booster and time saver. But if it is not essential for your company, then you may want to consider a document management workflow that doesn’t include this feature.

Third-Party Access

If you have vendors or clients who need access to your documents, then your document management system will need to be able to facilitate third-party access. The best option will be easy to use for both your company and a third-party as well as completely secure.


There may be certain programs you use that can easily be integrated with your document management solution for greater efficacy.

Document Storage and Disposal

Do you need to save your documents for later reference? Or do old documents only pile up and create clutter and a slower operating system? Document management workflows can account for document retention or document purging.

Paper Processes

Did you know that document management solutions can help you to manage your digital documents as well as your paper documents? The right document management system helps you to manage both types of documents without creating confusion.

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