The Importance of Consistent Color

Posted on May 11, 2017

When you think of a recognizable brand, you likely think of the colors associated with them. McDonald’s yellow and red are just as iconic as their golden arches, and IBM is often dubbed “Big Blue” because of their recognizable blue logo.

Color can evoke strong emotions and memories. The colors of your brand should remind your customers of your reputation as well as the personal experiences they have had with you. The colors of your brand must remain consistent in order to achieve this kind of recognition. No matter what you’re printing–whether it’s flyers, promotional mail, banners, or more–consistent color is the key to lifelong brand recognition.

How to Obtain Consistent Color with Color Management

Color management technologies can ensure that you maintain consistent color across all of the print materials your company produces. But with technology changing so quickly, is now the right time to invest in color management technologies? Let’s take a deeper look into the future of color management.

Expanding Horizons

Color technology will only continue to grow as companies as high-end businesses fine tune their color production and traditional print services providers move towards becoming marketing services providers. Consistent color will become increasingly important as more and more companies are able to produce vibrant branding.

Pleasing Colors

The push to create pleasing color schemes will create a higher demand for color management tools. Smart color management helps you to more finely control your equipment efficiency and process control, which produces stunning results and saves your bottom lines.

A Valuable Asset

With the rise of visual marketing, business owners will increasingly view color management technologies as solutions that help them run their businesses more smoothly. Knowledgeable color consultants can recommend solutions that represent the brand as well as improve equipment efficiency.

Your competitors are investing in color management technologies to produces consistent color across all their marketing materials as well as boost equipment efficiency and lower costs. It doesn’t look like the popularity of color management will fade any time soon. Now is the best time to invest in color management tools and services!

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