How to Ensure Your Document Management System is Secure

Posted on September 21, 2016

Cloud-hosted document management systems provide many benefits. From allowing your employees to access their work from anywhere to allowing real-time document collaboration, businesses can increase productivity while minimizing expenses by investing in the right DMS. Unfortunately, many businesses are so concerned about the possibility of a data breach that they are wary of cloud-hosted technologies. While cybersecurity is an important concern, document management systems are actually far more secure than paper-based documents, but only if you ensure that the system’s security settings are able to meet your needs. Learn how to choose the right DMS for your security needs in today’s blog, below.

Invest in customizable accessibility
As the administrator, you’ll need to be able to decide who will be able to use your document management system and to what extent. To ensure that your most important data stays secure, it’s important that you are able to decide who will be able to view, edit, and manage each type of document after it has been created. Your system will also need to lock documents that should be uneditable while allowing content addition by designated users. Take care to choose a DMS that can meet your security as well as your business requirements.

Ensure your system will alert you to edits
One of the greatest benefits of cloud-hosted document management systems is the fact that they are capable of automatically tracking changes, giving you an audit trail and built-in accountability. Many data breaches are due to human error, and the right DMS can make it easy to monitor who  has had access to your system. However, you have to choose the right system to ensure that audit logs clearly show any unauthorized uses of your software. At Centric Business Systems, we can help you choose the right DMS for your needs and ensure that it is configured to address your security requirements.

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