3 Ways a Document Management System Can Improve Healthcare Efficiency

Posted on September 14, 2016

While healthcare providers’ main goal is to serve patients, their facilities are still a business and must be run like one. Implementing a document management system can streamline your operations while maximizing your cost-efficiency, providing benefits for your business as well as your patients. If you’ve already implemented an electronic health record system and are ready to improve the efficiency of your facility even further, a document management system is the ideal next step. Learn why in today’s blog, below.

Streamline record-keeping
Healthcare facilities are often awash in information and if that information is all paper-based, your office is likely overwhelmed with folders, filing cabinets, and endless stacks of paperwork. Implementing a document management system will give you easier access to the information you need by making it easily accessible. Instead of poring over paper documents, your administrators can quickly and easily search for the exact information they need. Some DMS can integrate with your EHR system, while others allow you to share documents easily between doctors to provide optimal efficiency.

Seamless check-in
Any type of documents can be scanned and uploaded into your document management system, including identification such as driver’s licenses and insurance cards. By including this information in the patient’s digital record, administrators can locate it quickly, making the check-in process a breeze.

Smooth billing process
Collecting payment is an important job, but it can take up a significant amount of your administrators’ time. A document management system can help by allowing you to scan documents such as claims forms, explanations of benefits, checks, and any other relevant payment information into your patient records. By making these documents easily available and searchable online, your administrators will enjoy easy access which can translate into shorter billing cycles and more efficient payment schedules.

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