What is Digital Workflow and How Can it Benefit Your Office?

Posted on March 2, 2017

Imagine trying to locate one specific photo on your computer that was taken five years ago. If you don’t have the right tools, this could take a very long time. But with a digital workflow that utilizes document management software, you can cut this time down to seconds. Let’s take a look at how digital workflow from Centric Business Systems can boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.

What is Digital Workflow?
A “workflow” is any system of getting things done. You probably have a workflow for everything from changing the oil in your car at home to creating an annual report at work. When it comes to workflows at work, you have to ask yourself this question: “Are my workflows as efficient as they could be?”
A few decades ago, almost everything was done manually. If you needed something, you filled out a form and submitted it to the correct person, who would then file that form, where it would go to another department, etc., etc. This is an example of a manual workflow.
A digital workflow speeds up the everyday processes of an office. Rather than submitting that form by hand, you fill out the form online, which automatically delivers it to the right person and marks it off as “done” at the same time. There are many ways that implementing digital workflows in your office can speed up production and other daily routines.

How Can I Use Digital Workflows in My Office?
So, how exactly can digital workflows be implemented? You may already be using digital workflows in your office; you may also have room to implement more digital workflows as well. Here are a few things that a digital workflow can improve:

Images: a digital workflow for your images allows you to save certain post-processing settings as well as organize and backup all your photos for easy access later.
Printing: You can save certain print settings on your printers so that employees can print exactly what they need at the click of a button.
Document management: Quickly access documents and files with a sophisticated document management system that organizes your files and converts paper documents into digital files.
There are a myriad of uses for digital workflows! Get in touch with Centric Business Systems to personalize a digital workflow solution for your business.

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