The Future of Digital Color Printing

Posted on March 9, 2017

High-speed production printing has come a long way in the past decade. From humble beginnings as transactional printers used primarily for black-and-white applications, high-speed production printing has now entered the realm of full digital color printing. In fact, many offices utilize in-house digital color printing on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at how digital color printing became such an essential part of office workflows and explore how it will improve in the future.

Did you know that paper can be optimized for high-volume printing? After installing a high-quality printer from Centric Business Systems, you’ll be able to use many different varieties of paper for different effects. As the demand for a larger variety of paper options has increased, so the technology of paper production has improved. New paper types have even been developed for specific types of inks. Innovations in paper technology have allowed for faster, better printing and a wide range of options that you can easily provide to your customers or use yourself. No matter what type of paper you choose to use, a printer from Centric Business Systems will be able to handle it for stunning results!

Just as paper has evolved, so has ink. Options for dyes, pigments, MICRs, and other inks have exploded over the past decade. Progress in ink production and a wider variety of inks available means that digital color printing has become increasingly vibrant and detailed. Color prints can now incorporate more subtle tones and shades than they have before. The diversity of available inks means a growing number of applications that are available for consumers.

Color and Ink Management Tools
When you need accurate color and consistent production for a print job that is repeated on a regular basis, then you can benefit from color and ink management tools. New controllers and workflows make color management easier than ever. Not only can you rely on consistent quality with established workflows, you can also estimate how much ink a job will take and plan ahead. Some ink management tools even allow for ink to be tracked as a job is printing!
New papers and inks mean that color limitations are a thing of the past. Not only is it easier than ever to have high-quality color printing in-house, you can also improve office efficiency with print management tools. The future of digital color printing will see in-house color printing and print management tools as an essential facet of every office.

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