Things You Didn’t Know Your MFD Could Do

Posted on August 11, 2017

Copiers, printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs) are often taken at face value—they are meant to print, copy, scan and/or fax. Your company spends a lot of money to buy and maintain these complex machines, so why not use them to their maximum capacities?  There are many features that go unused simply because users are not made aware of a device’s functions, which can improve your company’s workflow and efficiency.

Read on to discover just a few functions on most MFDs that will make your and your co-workers’ lives easier.

Scan directly to folder

Improve your workflow and avoid hassle by scanning a document directly to a folder, rather than scanning to your email, then saving the file and moving it to the correct drive.

Double-sided printing

Most printers and MFDs are capable of double-sided printing, and usually it is as simple as going into your printer preferences when printing a document and switching the document style to “double-sided” or “2-sided.” There will also usually be a choice between book style and tablet style. For most documents, you will want book style, where you can read both sides without flipping the page upside down. In tablet style, the tops are on opposite sides and you must flip the page over to read it, as if you were flipping through a tablet.

Utilizing the double-sided printing function is a great way to cut back on paper, which not only helps the environment, but also saves money and reduces the amount of clutter on your desk.

Convert single-sided documents to double-sided, or vice versa

When scanning and copying single-sided documents, you can choose to output that document double-sided, saving on paper and costs. You can also choose to do the reverse, should that suit your needs.

Create shortcuts on the control panel for easy access to regularly used functions

To make everyday work even more efficient, most copiers and MFDs allow you to create shortcuts that will appear on the user panel. These might include scanning directly to a particular folder, emailing to a specific person, searching files from a network drive and many others that can be altered to fit your needs.

Default to black-and-white and utilize other rules to help your company save money

Companies waste thousands of dollars every year in unnecessary printing costs, but your MFD is smart enough to help prevent that from happening. By adding rules to your company printing, such as defaulting to black-and-white or double-sided, you can help save on costs.

Hold print jobs for security and follow me printing

Most printers have an option that will send a print job to a virtual cloud to be held until you physically go to a printer and release. You initiate the process by sending your print job as normal, but you determine where and when it is printed by either swiping a card or entering a password at the device. This process is ideal for settings where document security is especially important, such as in health care or education environments.

A great way to discover more functions and features of your company MFD is to talk to your dealer or service provider about training. If you are a client of Centric, we have an experienced and knowledgeable training team dedicated to helping you get the most out of your machine.

Are there any lesser-known functions that you use to increase workflow efficiency?  Let us know in the comments!