Things You Didn’t Know Your MFD Could Do: Part II

Posted on August 24, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a list of a few functions of your multifunctional device (MFD) that you might not have known about. We have compiled a second list to share with you, as there were too many interesting features for just one list!


Your printer can be set up to add stamps to printed documents, including dates, watermarks, page numbers and usernames. When monitoring printing at your office, this tool can be especially useful. This tool can help keep papers organized, up-to-date and linked to the correct person and project.

Previewing before scanning

Certain copiers allow you to preview the document on the user panel and make edits before copying or scanning. Eliminate excess work at your desk by taking care of small edits right at the copier. Combine this tool with the scan to features, and your workflow will become even more efficient.

Mixed size originals

Many printers can be set up to scan and copy documents of different sizes mixed together. These pages can also be set to scan in as one job.

Blank page skip

When scanning a document that is mixed with one- and two-sided pages, you can set your MFD to automatically delete the blank pages when scanning them all into one document. It makes for one less task that you have to do from your desk, saving you time and energy.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology can turn an image-based document (such as a scanned document or image with text) into a responsive and editable file. For you and your company, this could mean medical records get scanned and become editable on the computer. It could mean that instead of retyping the information in a brochure or article that you simply scan the document and let your MFD technology work for you!

A great way to discover more functions and features of your company MFD is to talk to your dealer or service provider about training. If you are a client of Centric, we have an experienced and knowledgeable training team dedicated to helping you get the most out of your machine.

Are there any lesser-known functions that you use to increase workflow efficiency?  Let us know in the comments!