Benefits of Managed Print Facilities

Posted on August 30, 2017

Did you know that many business systems dealers can help you bring a print shop in-house to your company?  While commercial print shops certainly have their places for large, detailed and abnormal jobs, many jobs that would normally have been outsourced can now be easily completed in-house with the technology that is readily available from dealers.

Many large companies and organizations have made the switch and have opened print and copy shops right in their own facilities. In-house printing is especially popular in university and hospital settings.

At universities, print shops can copy forms; create fliers, mailers and advertisements (for on- and off-campus use); make booklets and keep up with the speed and ever-changing needs of an educational environment. In hospitals, print and copy shops can keep up with the high volume of forms needed, as well as maintaining patient data security.

In-house printing is not just for large organizations; the in-house printing concept can be scaled to fit any size company by using the wide variety of multifunctional devices (MFDs) on the market.

Save on Time

With in-house print shops, jobs can be completed the same day. When outsourcing, jobs usually take days to complete and expediting the job can cost your company greatly. When in-house, those working in the print shop know the organization and have its mission as the priority. They are able to prioritize certain jobs based on importance.

Save on Costs

While very large, very specialized or very high-quality jobs are often best suited for outsourcing, most everyday print needs can be met in-house, and will usually save you and your company money.

Added Security

When outsourcing print jobs, you must send information and files to the print company. In a world where data security is becoming more important each day, printing in-house eliminates another security risk. This is especially useful for hospitals, schools and law offices, where data security is crucial.

Less Waste

There is no need to store tons of papers because you had to order a large run to save money and time—you can print as you go!  Don’t waste excess materials that are never going to be used because they are out of date or because too many copies were run. On the same note, you don’t need to waste valuable storage space to stock thousands of extra copies.

Stay Up-to-Date

You will have the flexibility to stay current with all of your printed materials; you only need to print the most updated versions when you need them!  Enjoy greater flexibility in being more specific with the information because you can make changes and print only when needed.