How to care for your copier

Posted on October 19, 2017

Our copiers are important to the everyday function of our offices. When they are down or broken, everyone is affected. Maximize your uptime by caring for your multifunctional device correctly.

Clean your copier.

Wipe the scanning glass with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth regularly; dust can create marks and can mess up the quality of copies. Dust your copier on the inside and outside. Be sure to follow manufacturer and maintenance company instructions so that you do not damage the machines.

Exercise caution when scanning.

When scanning papers, be sure to remove all staples and paperclips to avoid creating scratches on the glass. When using a document feeder, still remove staples and paperclips. The pages will get crinkled and could tear, and the parts inside of the document feeder could jam or break. Stay on the safe side and remove fasteners before making scans and copies.

Don’t use it as a shelf.

When the copier is not in use, avoid using it as a shelf for other items. Though it looks sturdy, the machine is delicate and has many precise parts. Even if a part does not break, the glass can easily warp with pressure, which will result in poor copies and expensive repair costs. And please—do not sit on your copier!  Whether for convenience or an office joke, copiers are not made to hold the weight of a person.

Choose the right copier.

By choosing the correct multifunctional device for your office workload, you will already be caring for your copier. If you choose the correct copier, you are less likely to experience downtime.

Get proper training.

Using a copier involves much more than pressing “copy.” They are extraordinary machines and they are intricately designed. Knowing how to use the office copier is very important. Get your employees training to learn how to best work with and care for your copier. Make office equipment training a part of your new employee training.

Load paper correctly.

Paper drawers have a fill line and it is best to fill the drawer to just under the line—never fill the drawer over the fill line. Fan the paper stack before placing it in the drawer to put air in between the sheets. This can help prevent jams. Even though paper drawers are typically close to the ground, they are delicate and have small parts that can break. Never use your feet to kick the drawer closed.

Keep food and drinks away.

Leave your drinks and food at your desk when making copies or picking up prints. Keep all food and drinks away from where the machine is stationed.

If your copier is down, or not running at optimal levels, contact Centric right now to schedule a service appointment.