HIPAA Compliance and Document Management Systems: Administrative Safeguard Requirements

Posted on October 19, 2016

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been discussing the features that you should look for when choosing a document management system that will help your healthcare facility stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We talked about the required physical safeguards your system must have in place as well as the access control measures that must be included. In today’s blog, learn more about the third and final component in HIPAA-compliant document management systems: administrative safeguards.

Administrative Safeguards
Administrative safeguards refer to the security measures that your system has in place to monitor and regulate access to the information contained within the system. By restricting user access to different levels of information, the DMS will prevent unauthorized access and unwelcome changes to your most sensitive documents. There are a number of administrative safeguards that must be in place in order for a DMS to be HIPAA compliant, including:

  • Access Authorization: Your HIPAA-compliant software should be capable of giving different users varying levels of access to sensitive information. This means that a personal assistant should have access to different information than a company’s HR manager. Employees should be given “minimum necessary” use, meaning that they should only be allowed to access the minimum amount of information that is needed to complete their job duties.
  • Login Monitoring: A HIPAA-compliant system will allow you remotely monitor access to your documents through features such as file versioning and audit trails. By allowing you to track changes, your DMS will ensure that only authorized users are interacting with your most sensitive information.

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