Centric optimizes the performance of standard hardware until it’s no longer standard.


As technology advances, the capabilities you expect to gain become more diverse. It’s our job to be difference makers—to provide a spectrum of solutions that show results you didn’t think were possible.

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    Step 1 | Analysis

    We examine your existing solutions, learn your workspace, and gain an understanding of your organizations goals.

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    Step 2 | Recommendations

    We provide a comprehensive plan that addresses your need for maximum performance, efficiency, and value.


Centric’s solutions offer much more than improved productivity. They help organizations meet compliance and security regulations, achieve green initiative goals, and maintain total visibility into usage, activity and costs.

  • Document Management

    Document Management software captures, stores, and controls electronic business documents, letting you streamline and automate paper-based processes, for improved productivity and reduced costs.

  • Cost Recovery

    Centric offers a complete cost-recovery model designed to automatically and accurately capture, track and allocate all document output. Use it to find efficiencies and save money without compromising document security and client confidentiality.

  • User Tracking

    With User Tracking, you maintain complete control and continuous management of your organization’s document output activity. Reduce costs, increase document security, and help make your sustainability programs go.

  • Security

    Centric’s software solutions let you meet tomorrow’s security requirements, while protecting your organization’s sensitive information today. Using data encryption and overwrite capabilities, Centric’s solutions protect important records from unauthorized access, while monitoring user activity and providing robust audit trails and history logs.

Managed Services

Centric offers a range of managed services, including Print Services, IT Services, Business Consulting and Facilities Management. Our experts handle everything: lowering costs, optimizing performance, and giving you peace of mind.

  • Print Services

    A comprehensive document output solution that gives your organization complete flexibility and greater control of output costs. We include all supplies and service, and constantly assess volumes and optimize services. You pay only for the prints produced, and manage network printing and customized print jobs right from your desktop.


  • IT Services

    When it comes to your document management technology, let Centric handle the IT Services. Our team knows these devices like no one else and will expertly handle installation and integration into your network environment. We also provide help desk support and can troubleshoot connectivity issues remotely.

  • Facilities Management

    Centric’s Facility Management services are 100% turnkey. We hire the team, manage the hardware, software, and integration, upgrade the technology, track and report productivity, and accommodate any changes in your business. We’ll handle your print facility, from end to end.

  • Backfile / Scanning

    Centric’s back file conversion programs offer end to end solutions for scanning and capturing data, extraction and indexing. Integrated with our document management solutions, we offer workflow automation, intelligent document routing and archival solutions. With both on and off-site capabilities, our digital migration strategies are customized to meet your goals.


We partner with the industry’s top brands to bring our customers state-of-the-art technology. While the products we offer represent the industry’s finest, it’s the team behind the products that turns standard machines into customized powerhouses.