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XEROX Versant 280

The Xerox Versant 280 Press is a versatile and high-performance mid-production press designed to meet your evolving needs. This all-in-one, field-proven profit builder has been reimagined to cater to all your mid-production press requirements.

The Versant 280 Press combines impressive speed and exceptional print quality with the flexibility to handle various media types, including stocks up to 400 gsm. Whether you’re printing on envelopes, small-sized stock, or extended sheets up to 13 x 47.2″, this press can handle it all. It’s not limited to standard paper either; you can print on labels, tabs, synthetics, polyesters, window clings, transfer paper, and even magnetic stock.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Toner Consistency: Xerox’s Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) automation ensures toner consistency, coverage, and alignment controls.
  • Color Consistency: Closed-loop process controls guarantee color consistency across your prints.
  • Ultra HD Resolution: Xerox EA Toner delivers an incredible 2400 x 2400 dpi Ultra HD Resolution with 10-bit RIP rendering, even for metallics and Specialty Inks.
  • Flexible Feeding Options: Choose from a range of feeding options, including precision vacuum feeding for standard and Extra Long Sheets (XLS).
  • Inline Finishing: The Versant 280 offers inline finishing options, from simple folds and staples to full-bleed, square edge face-trimmed booklets.
  • Walk-Up Print and Scan: Enjoy the convenience of walk-up print and scan capabilities for added versatility.

Push the Boundaries with All Stocks Rated Speed (ASRS) Option

For those who crave speed, the ASRS option enables you to print 25% faster on all supported stocks up to 400 gsm. Xerox’s upgraded Decurler Module ensures top-notch performance.

Enhance Performance with the Legendary Performance Package Option

For extreme automation, the Performance Package Option offers click-simple automated color quality with full spectrum color management hardware and software tools. An inline X-Rite® Spectrophotometer with Color Profiler Suite, working with Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS), ensures consistent, accurate color, reducing manual color maintenance and operator errors.

Beyond CMYK: The Adaptive CMYK+ Kit

With the exclusive Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit, your Versant goes beyond CMYK to offer an impressive 11-color range. Swap out your standard CMYK toner set with the Vivid Specialty Toner Set or the Fluorescent Specialty Toner set in minutes, without the need for purging, and start printing with stunning Gold, Silver, White, Clear, and Fluorescent colors.

Speed (PPM): 65 and up

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