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Production Print

XEROX Iridesse

The Xerox Iridesse Production Press doesn’t just deliver printed pages; it creates captivating works of art that leave a lasting impression. With its Color FLX Technology, robust production capabilities, and innovative features, the Iridesse Production Press empowers businesses to produce high-impact, unique print materials effortlessly.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Color FLX Technology: The Iridesse redefines digital printing with Color FLX Technology, allowing for the layering of CMYK with up to two Specialty Dry Inks in a single pass while maintaining impeccable color registration. This technology enables:
    • Stunning CMYK prints
    • Metallic, gold, and white specialty effects
    • Iridescent metallic hues
  1. High-Quality CMYK: The Iridesse doesn’t just dazzle with specialty inks; it also delivers exceptional CMYK quality. Its Ultra HD Resolution, low-gloss toner formulation, and xerographic enhancements ensure outstanding image quality, perfect for a wide range of digital printing jobs.
  2. Consistent Brilliance: The Iridesse maintains color consistency through internal process controls, reducing the potential for color drift. It uses Mark On Belt (MOB) patches for real-time calibration and adjustment, ensuring that each print is as brilliant as the last.
  3. High Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) Toner: The smaller particle size of HD EA Toner (4.7 microns) compared to standard toner creates smoother prints with excellent shadow detail, even in challenging images.
  4. Ultra HD Resolution: The Iridesse’s image pipeline delivers four times more information to the press, resulting in unrivaled Ultra High Definition (HD) detail, perfect for gradients, fine lines, and small text accuracy.
  5. Jaw-Dropping Embellishment Effects: The Iridesse creates stunning spot colors, metallic gradients, photographic enhancements, and more in a single pass, enhancing page content and captivating recipients.
  6. Mixed Media Xceleration: This feature ensures superior performance for mixed or specialty stock jobs up to 400 gsm, allowing the press to handle complex print jobs with ease.
  7. End-to-End Automation: Streamline production with automated finishing options, including full-bleed, professionally trimmed, and creased booklets. The Xerox Iridesse offers:
    • Xerox SquareFold Trimmer Module
    • Production Ready (PR) Booklet Maker Finisher
    • Xerox Crease and Two-sided Trimmer

Speed (PPM): 65 and up

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