Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Collaboration

Posted on February 9, 2017

Interactive Whiteboards are commonly thought of in an educational framework. Indeed, they can enhance classroom environments by improving opportunities for interactive learning, lesson retention, and learning style adaptation. However, in a professional environment the Interactive Whiteboard is still underrated. Particularly in fields where collaboration is an integral part of operations, such as in not-for-profit organizations, mediation offices, charitable organizations, and various other environments that revolve around bringing people together to solve problems, this tool can vastly improve your productivity. Interactive Whiteboards can boost communication and engagement in meetings, improve the use of documents through effective annotation, and expand the range of interconnectivity.
Boost Communication and Engagement
One-way presentations are only as good as the people who create and/or present them, and have limitations that can immediately make themselves known in a meeting environment. Once an audience is tuned out, you have lost them forever. Interactive Whiteboards allow for improved presentation and audience engagement, because it is a fully collaborative tool. You can also benefit from Interactive Whiteboard use in distance collaboration through video conferencing and screen sharing with remote attendees. The whiteboard and associated tools make it easy to instantly share everything that was brought to the meeting, and everything that came out of the meeting.
Improve Document Use
Rather than presenting your information in a static unchangeable manner, you can involve everyone in your collaborative process in the creation of a living, breathing document. No multiple versions to wield, simply make the changes as they arise through immediate and effective annotation. And we’re not just talking side-notes and doodles, tools can include links, 3D modeling, graphs, and much more.
Expand Interconnectivity
Interactive Whiteboards can be connected to smart devices easily through applications suited to IOS and Android, so if one of your project participants is on the road they can still make effective contributions to your collaborative process. Listening in on a call as you’re sitting in a cab is one thing, being able to spontaneously add an idea to the table from your on-the-go environment is quite another.
Today’s business environment is fast-paced, time is limited, and attention spans are short. Keep your people motivated and your co-collaborators engaged. Centric Business Systems has answers to all of your questions about this neat collaborative tool and various others, and we can make it so that you have them at your fingertips. Give us a call at 877-902-3301, send us an email at is external), or fill out our contact form to learn about how we can help you improve your processes, so that your team can solve problems together.