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Just recently, a few members of Parliament had their email accounts hacked. This is just another instance that shows the pervasive nature of cyber attacks and reiterates the importance of top-notch cyber security procedures put in place. Read More
Managed print services (MPS) offer simple solutions for seemingly insurmountable business issues. Read More
It was only a few years ago that huge companies like Target and Yahoo suffered from massive cyber attacks, and only a mere two months ago that the average person was affected by the Cloudbleed security bug. Today, companies not only have to worry about external cyber attacks, but also... Read More
Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been discussing the features that you should look for when choosing a document management system that will help your healthcare facility stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We talked about the required physical safeguards your system must have in place as well as the access control measures that must be included. In today’s blog, learn more about the third and final component in HIPAA-compliant document management systems: administrative safeguards. Read More