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XEROX Versant 2100

The Xerox® Versant® 2100 is a groundbreaking press engineered from the ground up, incorporating cutting-edge technology to help you consistently achieve more. At the forefront of its capabilities is enhanced automation, designed to streamline your workflow, ensure precision, and maximize efficiency. In a print market that increasingly demands short runs and quick turnarounds, automation is the key to success.

Automation: The Key to Meeting New Challenges

The print market has evolved significantly, with faster turnaround times, increased competition, price wars, and internal cost-cutting measures becoming the new norm. Traditional processes and equipment are no longer sufficient to meet the demand for producing many small jobs in a day efficiently. The Versant 2100 Press addresses these challenges with comprehensive automation from start to finish, making it both possible and productive to handle a greater number of smaller jobs that characterize today’s print marketplace.

  • Faster Job Setup: Automation expedites job setup.
  • Consistent Color: Achieve outstanding, consistent color quality with ease.
  • Enhanced Finishing Versatility: Automation enables automated inline punching for cost-effective booklet production.

Maximizing the Hours in a Day

Time is a finite resource, but the Versant 2100 Press maximizes every minute of your day by enhancing performance, automation, media support, and image quality. Here are some key features:

  • Powerful Workflow Choices: Tailor your workflow to meet your unique requirements with a range of print servers, apps, and solutions.
  • Xerox® EA Low Melt Dry Ink: Chemically grown particles deliver top-quality results with less power consumption.
  • Xerox® Connect Advantage: Proactive problem resolution and real-time performance monitoring to keep your press running efficiently.
  • Optional Manual Sheet Inserter: Adds 250-sheet capacity for oversized sheets, expanding your production flexibility.

Automation for Consistent Quality

Automation is the cornerstone of the Versant 2100 Press, reducing operator intervention, minimizing waste, and ensuring top-notch quality. Some of the automated features include:

  • Xerox® Stock Library Manager: Simplifies stock management and profiling for consistent quality across different media.
  • Production Accurate Registration (PAR): Delivers precise front-to-back registration automatically, improving image quality.
  • Full Width Array Inline Sensor: Automates color management tasks and image-to-media alignment.
  • Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS): Built-in automation for color accuracy and repeatability, increasing productivity and press uptime.

Exceptional Image Quality with Ultra HD Resolution

Image quality is paramount, and the Versant 2100 Press doesn’t compromise. Its Ultra HD Resolution combines rendering and imaging resolution to produce exceptionally sharp and uniform prints. Key features include:

  • Ultra HD Image Quality: Higher RIP resolution (up to 1200 x 1200 at 10-bit) and imaging resolution (2400 x 2400) for outstanding detail preservation.
  • Powerful Color Management: Built-in color management technologies ensure accurate color reproduction, matching industry standards.
  • Closed Loop Process Controls: Density patches and sensors monitor and adjust the system for higher quality without operator involvement.
  • Compact Belt Fuser: Maintains image quality on a wide range of stocks up to 350 gsm with uniform heat and pressure transfer.

Empowering Operators with Automation

The Full Width Array inline sensor automates time-consuming setup tasks, improving efficiency and ensuring optimal performance:

  • Baselining the Press: Density uniformity adjustments reduce waste and operator intervention while maintaining image quality.
  • Registration Profiling: Automated image-to-media alignment replaces manual adjustments, ensuring consistent alignment.
  • Color Management: Automated color calibration profiles simplify color management tasks.

Configurability, Modularity, and Scalability

Xerox® FreeFlow® Core serves as the backbone of your production workflow solutions, offering modularity and scalability to meet your specific needs. Start small and scale up as required with the ability to integrate with other pre-press tools and digital presses.

Efficiency through Workflow Solutions

Xerox® Workflow Solutions integrate with the Versant 2100 Press to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency. These solutions provide intelligent automation that optimizes your print manufacturing process.

  • XMPie®: Enhance customer engagement with personalized, cross-media marketing campaigns.
  • IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution: Automate job preparation and finishing for improved productivity and reduced errors.
  • Xerox® Workflow Solutions: Connect your entire operation for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Speed (PPM): 65 and up

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