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RICOH MP W7100 / MP W8140

The RICOH® MP W7100 and MP W8140 are wide-format digital imaging systems that help your collaborative efforts flourish. Work smarter and share faster with our versatile, affordable MFP that can produce wide-format technical drawings, schematics and presentations and share them with colleagues no matter where they are.

Lightning-fast printing (MP W7100 10 ppm, MP W8140 14 ppm) means you’re not waiting around for your documents. A nine-inch-wide, color VGA, tilt-able operation panel gives your team maximum customizability within an easy-to-use peripheral interface. Use the optional scanner separation unit available for the Ricoh MP W8140 to capture and send documents without interfering with coworkers who need access to the operation panel to copy and print other documents. You can choose between front output using an optional Multi-Stacker or have documents released via the optional Double Stacker at the back of the device.

Use our multiple scan-to functionalities (Email/Folder/FTP/HDD/USB/SD cards) to get your schematics and plans to where they can do the most good. Razor-sharp 1200 dpi color scanning means that no detail will be missed when reviewing your documents with clients or project managers. With scalable and customizable feeding options, the MP W7100 and MP W8140 can accommodate maximum paper lengths of up to 98.4’. The coveted EPEAT® Gold rating means that your team can rest easy knowing that your print-production pipeline is both reliable and environmentally sustainable.

Protect technical drawings and other critical information using advanced encryption tools, including Windows Authentication and PDF encryption, to thwart threats to your password-protected information at every stage of printing and distribution. With the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), you don’t have to worry about leaving key information at the device. The RICOH® MP W7100 and MP W8140 both overwrite latent images and data on the hard drive automatically. You can also hold jobs at the device until you release them by swiping an ID card or entering your password at the control panel.

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Speed (PPM): Up to 25

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